Thank you for stopping by Little Things Photography :0)
I am Chevy! The gal behind the lens. I am based out of Monterey, CA.
I am so excited to meet you and your family.
The main goal of my photography is to capture you and your children as you are. To bring out your personality and let it shine for everyone to see.
I keep my sessions fun, simple and playful. I work with natural light, on location, or at your home.
Please remember when planning an outdoor session, that early morning or late evening have the most beautiful lighting.. and we don’t want you or little ones squinting and fussing.

I do a lot of work with babies, children and families. But I am always available for whatever your needs may be.  I would love to work with you, so drop me a line and we will work something out!

What To Wear
Keep it simple.
Coordinate clothing so that everyone is dressed in a similar style and choose clothing that is similar in color tones.
For maternity I ask for black tight tank top, a button up white blouse and either a bold color solid shirt or a bold pattern shirt and a pair of jeans.
Newborns and babies are best in nothing. Maybe wrapped in a favorite blanket, in a basket, curled up in your arms.

I like “layers and textures”…think vests, tights, scarves, hats, ties, long sleeve under short sleeve. I’ve noticed that alot of places have the built in layered look  right now.

If you would like to get in touch with me, please email me at: