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Working hard.. trying to get everything working and flowing for the new site!!!
Sneaky peeky!


Vegas.. Las Vegas.. Sin City.. not so much when you have two kids with you. lOl We lived in Vegas for a year a while back.. it was so amazing. Almost too much for the senses.
Here are some quick pics from the road trip out to California from Florida.

Well, there’s a feeling in the air
Just like a Friday afternoon.
Yeah, you can go there if you want
Though it fades too soon.

So go on, let it be.
If there’s a feeling coming over me,
Seems like it’s always understood this time of year.

 -Better Than Ezra

There is a time every year, where I sit and refelect more than I do any other time of year. It happens to be around the holidays, though it wasn’t planned that way. It just happened that way.
 Have you ever lost someone close to you, and it turned your entire world upside down? Five years ago my Gramsbear passed away. It was sudden, unexpected and I wasn’t with her. No one was with her except a nurse in a hospital room. And I still have a lump in my throat. 5 years later. 
 She is in everything that I do. Everything that I strive for. Because she would have wanted us to just be happy.
 I am sad that she didn’t get to meet Mason. I still, have the urge to pick up the phone and dial her number when something amazing happens. Instead, I just talk to her out loud in the kitchen, while making breakfast, or while folding laundry.
 I miss her. I really do.
Well, this wasn’t meant to make anyone sad. And I rarely make any personal posts here. But I love my Grams, and I wanted her to a part of this wonderful life I have made.
 So here are some cute pics of Mr. Mason.. hanging out in his jams.. eating cookies. lol
Much love to you all

Things have been moved UP!
We will be leaving for California in JANUARY!

 We are really excited to start this new chapter in our lives. Can’t wait to see what California has to offer. Hopefully a bunch of really great friends like the ones we’ve made here. :0)
  Thank you to all the wonderful families and couples who have allowed me to capture them and share in their lives. You are what keeps me smiling.
 Have a beautiful day!

Booked Dates:
28th – p.m.
29th – a.m

13th – pm

I can hardly believe that my baby is almost one! He is such a ham. He is walking and now running everywhere, though he doesn’t care to walk in grass.. lol His first word is: Done. How funny is that? I can only imagine what he has in store for us in the coming years.
 I am going to be super busy with the MOD shoot coming up and the holidays to follow. I just can’t wait to go see my family for Christmas. It is going to be so awesome.
 Love to you all!

Look at those little chompers!!

Are you ready for Trick or Treat? You have 24 hours to get your pumpkins carved, candy in a bowl and costumes perfected before the doorbell will ring and you will find yourself face to face with rockstars, witches, vampires and Ben 10.
 I have been playing this morning, getting ready for a shoot later with Mr. J for his birthday cake pics. I will definately  be posting some of those later when they are all ready to go. 
 I love making these collages. I rarely use them for clients, just myself. But I am starting to think that maybe someone else may be interrested in having something like it as well.
 Here are a few that I played with this morning.
Leave me some love.. and check back later.. I promise to have another new blog today.. at some point! lol
 Have rockin’ day!

Every year I say the same thing: Come October, I am going to start my Christmas shopping.
And every year I get almost all the way through November before anything gets done. lol Online shopping… here I come!
 Do you have your holiday cards ordered yet? Me either. lol
If you want to set up a session for some holiday photos, hit me up! I am booking rather quickly!
Have a gorgeous day!

Booked Dates:
28th – p.m.
29th – a.m

13th – pm

As of December 17th, I will not booking anymore for the rest of the year!


I am so honored to be a part of the March of Dimes, ‘Pictures for Premies’ this year!
Please, if you are in Panama City or surrounding area, stop in and have a photo taken. It is for an awesome cause!

Price: $15.00

2-3 poses, with two shots of each pose, a disk with high resolution digital images, a print release signed to you so that you may print these images whenever you like.

‘Pictures for Premies’ is sponsored by:
Parker United Methodist Church
Best Buy
Jessica Stone Photography
Little Things Photography
And the Schafer Family.. The March of Dimes 2009 ‘Ambassador Family’.

Dates and Times are as Follows:

November 8th, 2008
10:30am – 4:00pm

November 23rd, 2008
1:00pm – 5:00pm

December 6th, 2008
10:30am – 4:00pm

Parker United Methodist Church
Tyndall Parkway

Appointments available
Walk-Ins Welcome

For more information, please phone: 785-6460 or e-mail Amy Schafer at

I know, I know.. always with the posts of my own kiddos.. but what better inspiration, right? ;0)
 The little guy is in full on teething mode. I never had to go through this with my older one, he never once cried or wined about teething, but Mr. M is a totally different story. I can’t seem to find anything to make him feel better.
 Here are few captures of him. As you can see, he has his top side tooth.. his two front tops look like they will be here any day.. and he now has one bottom coming through. Yikes.
 Hope you all have a great weekend.