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Chugging right along, working all the time to freshen things up a bit.


Well, I am still working on the new site.. it is really giving me problems.  BUT.. I have an amazing friend who is going to sit down with me this weekend, and hopefully will come to some conclusions as to how to build this thing together. :0)
In the mean time.. a few pics that made me smile.  OH! And there will be new a post soon … sometime this weekend!! Woop!

Vegas.. Las Vegas.. Sin City.. not so much when you have two kids with you. lOl We lived in Vegas for a year a while back.. it was so amazing. Almost too much for the senses.
Here are some quick pics from the road trip out to California from Florida.

Isn’t he too much. Loved it!

Well, I am finally getting settled. I am working on my NEW website and blog.. it may take a little bit longer, but I am really excited to get everything sorted and looking smooth.

 I will be doing a few shoots here soon, so I will update here until everything is up and running.

We have arrived! ;0)
 Monterey is gorgeous and we are just getting settled in. Haven’t even finished unpacking.. who am I kidding.. I have gotten maybe three boxes unloaded besides my computer gear. lol
 Wanted to share a few quick pics and then I am on my way to work on another box.
I am open to locals for sessions!!!

Hello, Friends!
 Just a quick note to let you all know that we start our journey to California tomorrow morning!
 We will be stopping in to take a peek at Graceland tomorrow and then on to Kansas and finally stopping in Colordo for a week of snow fun! Traveling through Vegas.. Vegas, Baby… VEGAS! lol And finally ending up in Montery.
 I will be back up and working sometime in February. So if you would like to book, leave me a note.
 Love to all!

With love from my family to yours! Have a beautiful day and an amazing New Year!

Look at this awesome tricycle! Are you kidding me.. I want one.. have to have one. It would be perfect out in California. :0)
 This gorgeous family is getting ready to welcome a new baby girl into their lives in a little over a month. Congratulations, guys! I know she is going to be beautiful.
 I had such a blast getting to know you all and the -Monkey- man :0)
Have a wonderful Christmas! Enjoy your sneek peek!