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Isn’t he too much. Loved it!


What a proud Momma To Be :0)
 I had such a wonderful time, M! Thank you so much for inviting me into your home to capture a few memories.
 Best of luck with baby. If you up for visitors, I would love to meet him in person before we skip town. lol
 Hope you enjoy your sneek peek.

Had a fun Holiday Mini on the beach yesterday! This is H & A .. and their pups, Oreo and Chip. Can you say -Cute as Can Be-? These two pups totally stole my heart from the get go. I came home blabbing to the hubster about how badly I wanted a cocker spaniel again… *insert huge eye roll and sigh from the hubs* lol
 We had a blast. And let me tell you, total troopers! It was cold and windy and everyone was just down with wandering from place to place and enjoying laughs.
 H, I know you have been waiting for a peek.. I hope you enjoy!

Isn’t this the sweetest way to end this session? ;0) I think so!

Mr. J turned a year old a while back.. and we have been trying and trying to get him in for cake shots.. today was the day! 
 How cute is that face? His eyes are absolutely stunning.
At first, he was very weary of the cup cakes.. just looking at them.. almost touching and then not. lol Finally we just handed him one and from there.. it was on!
Cute chubby baby hands + cake and frosting + clapping = huge funny mess
 Had so much fun today!
Enjoy your preview, A!!!!

Every year I say the same thing: Come October, I am going to start my Christmas shopping.
And every year I get almost all the way through November before anything gets done. lol Online shopping… here I come!
 Do you have your holiday cards ordered yet? Me either. lol
If you want to set up a session for some holiday photos, hit me up! I am booking rather quickly!
Have a gorgeous day!

Booked Dates:
28th – p.m.
29th – a.m

13th – pm

As of December 17th, I will not booking anymore for the rest of the year!

I know, I know.. always with the posts of my own kiddos.. but what better inspiration, right? ;0)
 The little guy is in full on teething mode. I never had to go through this with my older one, he never once cried or wined about teething, but Mr. M is a totally different story. I can’t seem to find anything to make him feel better.
 Here are few captures of him. As you can see, he has his top side tooth.. his two front tops look like they will be here any day.. and he now has one bottom coming through. Yikes.
 Hope you all have a great weekend.

What a fun morning! Little J is just adorable and just the happiest little guy you could ever meet. He was just full of smiles and laughs for us. Mom and Dad did a fabulous job as well ;0) lol
I had such a hard time picking just a few to blog with, they were all such sweet captures.
 There will be more of Little J in a week or so after his Birthday Cake shots are done. Be sure to check back, I am certain it is going to be the best time ever!

I couldn’t help it.. It is going to be his first Halloween and I wanted to share a few pics of my favorite pumpkin. Though I think he will be going as a turtle for Halloween.
 If you are wanting some cutie pie pics of your kiddos in their costumes before the big evening, be sure to email and we will set something up!

My poor blog has been so neglected. *sigh* For good reason though! :0) Things have just been so busy around here, editing, setting up shoots and raising my boys.
 I wanted to share with you a little something that makes me smile every morning, my oldest on his way to the bus. :0) He just too much with the whole: I am a big boy, don’t walk with me, don’t kiss me in front of people. Just stay in the driveway while I go. .. lol I can’t believe he is so independent, and yet, at the same, he is Mamma’s Boy ;0)
 So I hope everyone is having a great week and wonderful Thursday!

Just a few more of my favorites from my morning with A and her amazing family.
 Her sister has the most amazingly beautiful baby girl who is only 3 months old. Her blue eyes were just precious and the way she would smile for her Momma was just adorable.
 I had such a fabulous time with everyone! Thank you so much for having me out and sharing your vacation time with me. :0)